Pretty Vintage … Wedding Buffet Used 3 Ways


We love our vintage buffets!  One of the best things about our vintage rental venture is seeing how different people use the same piece. Everyone is so creative!  This post will share our Simone Taupe French Buffet used by 3 different clients, 3 different ways.  Hope it is inspiring and stimulates you to think about the creative ways you can use our pieces!

The first way that our Simone Buffet was used was as a dessert cake table.  We also have a lovely variety of cake stands and trays.


photo by Melissa Musgrove

The second way that our Simone Buffet was used was as a sign in table at the entrance to the ceremony.  I love how they utilized the drawer, too!

PrettyVintage stephens-1214

photo by Sarah Kathleen

And, the third way that a client used our Simone Buffet was at the front of their ceremony, as the focal point.  So pretty!


We invite you to browse thru our website inventory and think about creative ways to use our pieces.  Give us a call if you’d like to come in and visit!

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