About Us…

Debbie and Candice love all things vintage and pretty! Being raised in families that loved scouring dusty antique stores and flea markets, they learned the art of the hunt.  Vintage has always graced both of their homes and gardens.

When Pretty Vintage Rentals was created, Debbie and Candice took their business acumen with their unique creativity, and applied those toward the sole purpose of providing a place where someone, with a romantic heart like theirs, could find beautiful vintage pieces to style their celebrations.

They have curated a lovely collection of vintage china, tabletop pieces, decor and furniture that will make you swoon and give your celebration a romantic ambience that your guests will never forget.

They both feel so blessed to have super supportive husbands that often get reeled in to help with the business.  The guys have a feeling that Debbie and Candice started the business to feed their vintage buying habit, but they are truly proud of what has grown out of all those early morning flea market hunting expeditions. (Debbie Walton above, Candice Burroughs below)