Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018

Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018

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A reunion with family or friends around tasty pancakes is a great idea to share moments of conviviality . However, depending on the number of people, preparing these dishes can quickly become a headache. Fortunately, you can count, like me, on a crepe maker to make a large quantity of pancakes or mini-pancakes.

Between gas or electric models , specially designed for small pancakes or those, professional, the choice of a crepe maker is often not an easy task. Do not panic. This complete guide that I dedicate to this appliance will surely simplify your task.

For those who want to save time and not read the full article, here are my top 3 of the best crepe makers , there is something for all budgets:

Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018
Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018
Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018
Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018

Whether it’s the different types, criteria to watch out for and practical advice on how to use your appliance well , you will discover absolutely everything you need to have your choice on a crepe maker that meets both your needs and to your budget. My selection of crepe makers, made on the basis of their performance and their affordable cost, will inspire you when faced with a particular rich and diverse offer.

My 3 Favorites

Lagrange 109006

With the Duo of pancakes 109006, Lagrange solves the difficult equation of choosing the size of the pancakes . Whether you want to make large or small, this crepe maker adapts perfectly to your needs. Its two large removable plates make it possible to make pancakes of 11 cm or a large pancake of 35 cm in diameter. The coating of the latter is non-stick, to limit the hanging of the pancakes as much as possible.

Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018

The manufacturer supports its crepe maker with a series of accessories: eight spatulas , including one large enough to fit a large pancake, a measuring spoon, a distributor, but also a removable spatula rinsing support with rinsing distributor. In short, all the equipment you need to make pancakes with great ease. A cool recipe book is also included in the packaging and will inspire you to please your loved ones or guests.

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Built with a modern and ergonomic design , the Lagrange 109006 inspires confidence as soon as you contact it. This crepe maker, resting on an insulating thermoplastic base , is easy to handle. It relies on its 1,400 W to guarantee a rapid rise in temperature and cook your pancakes in no time. The homogeneity of the cooking, as well as the non-sticking of the pancakes are the strength of the Lagrange 109006 . Likewise, the crepe maker is equipped with an adjustable thermostat from 0 to 5 , which allows you to control the preparation and adapt it to your preferences.

Krampouz Cebpa4Ao

Krampouz is one of the benchmark brands for crepe makers and more generally household appliances. With its CEBPA4AO (the famous Billig ), it provides the perfect companion that will simplify your task when preparing your pancakes. And it must be said that the manufacturer has everything planned to make friendly and pleasant your gourmet afternoons or your reunion with family or friends.

Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018

Concretely, the Krampouz Billig CEBPA4AO is, with its 3000 watts , undoubtedly the one you can find. The least we can say is that this top-of-the-range model has it in the belly and will, by its exceptional performances , convince even the most demanding .

The best price on Amazon

This professional crepe maker has a large 40 cm diameter baking sheet . Placed on a steel frame, it has a non-stick coating in machined cast steel , which allows it not only to have a long service life, but also to ensure a homogeneous cooking, with the guarantee of a perfect restitution of flavors.

And so that your pancake doughs cook according to the rules of the art, you can count on the thermostat provided for this purpose. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the temperature between 50 and 300 ° C and to adapt the results to your liking. Krampouz accompanies its crepe maker with accessories that ensure comfortable use: distributor and large spatula. There is also a very practical user guide, in which you will find pancake pasta recipes.

Severin 2198

My last favorite, I found it in Severin’s catalog. This crepe maker conquered me with its advantageous quality / price ratio . With the Severin 2198 , we are indeed dealing with a crepe maker that offers everything you would expect from such a device. Built with a nice design, it adopts compact dimensions (30.5 x 35.5 x 8 cm) and has a small footprint. Its relative lightness (1.9 kg) does not prevent it from being robust. Resting on a base designed in premium quality plastic, it remains stable thanks to its non-slip suction cups .

Ergonomic, the Severin 2198 is easy to handle. Its use is made as simple as possible, with its practical indicators and its thermostat adjustable in different positions. On this subject, the manufacturer accompanies this crepe maker with two accessories which prove to be very practical to use: pancake spatula and wooden dough distributor.

The best price on Amazon

Thanks to its 1000 Watts of power, this crepe maker is the perfect ally to say goodbye to pancakes missed with a stove. It takes everything in hand and has a large non-stick coating plate, which allows you to make a large and delicious pancake 30 cm in diameter. Cooking with the latter is perfectly homogeneous and the results are quick. Better still, you keep control of cooking at all times thanks to the adjustable thermostat in up to six positions.

My Favorite Party Crepe Makers

If you do not necessarily want to orient yourself towards professional models allowing you to make a single pancake and if it is rather the friendly cooking side that interests you, here are the 3 best pancake party models of the moment. All for a price less than 50 ! “Cheap” and efficient crepe makers:

Buying Guide: The Best Crepe Makers Of 2018

In any case, if you want a versatile model that allows you to make both large pancakes or go into “party” mode, I recommend you opt for the  Lagrange 109006 mentioned a little above. In my opinion, this is the best compromise in this price range (less than 100 the crepe maker)

Tefal Py559312

Designed with a modern design, the Tefal PY559312 is equipped with a plate, which, with its dimensions of 40.6 cm x 27.4 cm, allows to simultaneously make 6 pancakes of 12 cm in diameter each. Tefal facilitates the spreading of pancake batter with the borrowings on the plate. Coming with six spatulas and a measuring spoon, the PY559312 allows you to make your pancakes with ease and save time. For this purpose, this crepe maker counts on its 1000 Watts of power and its Thermo-spot indicator , which alerts you as soon as the ideal cooking temperature is reached.

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Tefal Py558813

Tefal is offering us this time a 1100 Watts crepe maker, which offers very interesting performance for such a tight price. Its two plates are removable and allow to make up to 6 mini-pancakes simultaneously for one, and a large pancake for the other. This versatility will be of great use to you to make the happiness of your children or your guests. The results obtained with this crepe maker are up to expectations, and an integrated thermostat allows you to control the cooking of the pancakes and to adapt them to your preferences. The Tefal PY558813 comes with several accessories (spatulas and a ladle) which ensure comfortable use.

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Moulinex Py312511

A power of 750 Watts, four locations to make as many pancakes of 11.5 cm in diameter, all in a compact design, this is, among other things, what the Moulinex PY312511 offers to accompany you during your reunion in family or your gourmet afternoons. Equipped with a non-stick coating, its plate ensures quality and uniform cooking of the pancakes. It also has a long lifespan and stands on a base with beautiful modern design. Moulinex accompanies the PY312511 with four spatulas, which will help you make your recipes in complete comfort.

The best price on Amazon

The Characteristics Of A Crepe Maker

On the market, there are two large families of crepe makers depending on their source of power: gas or electricity. While the gas models require that a stove be affixed to them and concede total autonomy, the electric crepe makers are of course powered from an electrical outlet. Each of these sources has advantages and disadvantages, to which we will return later.

That said, the crepe makers all have the particularity of resembling a round pan. Very easy to use, they are fitted with a baking sheet, the edge of which is usually slightly raised. After heating the cooking surface, you just need to pour your pancake batter into it and distribute it in a circular motion or using a spreader. In no time, your pancakes are good and you must then turn them over on the second side, so that it also cooks.

This ability of crepe makers to be as fast in execution is explained by their rapid rise in temperature, regardless of the type (gas or electric).

How To Choose The Best Crepe Maker?

As with any home appliance, before you get started, you need to assess your needs to be sure you are making an investment. The risk of getting an oversized crepe maker or one that turns out to be of little use, is great, as the supply is plentiful. Having said that, I made a small point on the criteria that you must monitor carefully.

Two griddles families exist following their power sources. Here you would have the choice between electric and those that run on gas. Equipped with an adjustable valve usually on up to 300 ° C, the latter specifically require the use of a stove. Their installation and adjustment usually require the use of professional equipment gas because more or less complex control schemes to implement apply. Note also that to consider restrictions on the use of gas in some public spaces.

Electric griddles for their part are more popular and provide a better user experience. However, there are on the market perfectly mixed models, which, in case of unavailability of a gas source, can adapt to any fire (electric, induction, etc.).

The crepe makers available on the market can be equipped with one or two plates of varying size. This parameter determines the size of the pancakes you can and of course affects the size of the entire apparatus. With the purchase, you will deal with models specifically designed for making mini pancakes (12 to 14 cm in diameter) and having a plate 13 inches in diameter on average. Most manufacturers ensure delineate the location of each crepe.

If you want to make larger pancakes (25 to 40 cm in diameter), I advise you to turn to semi professional models or who install large cooking surfaces (over 16 inches in diameter). If you need to receive a large number of guests, this will undoubtedly make your job easier and save you time.

Some accessories are very useful for you pancakes. Brands accompany it for some of their utensils devices. When you want to get your griddle, so you have every reason to check the equipment included in the purchase, as this information on its convenience. Spatula, ladle, spreader, spreader, or bowl whisk, accessories can be provided and the difference can be done at this level.

The comparison between models that have caught your attention should absolutely consider this parameter. That said, make sure the griddle you have chosen comes with basic accessories that are: a spreader, spatula, but also small woks for cooking pads comfortably.

The Advantages Of Crepe Makers

Having a crepe maker at home has many advantages. This kitchen appliance makes it possible to make a large quantity of pancakes and greatly simplify the task, on the occasion of reunions with family or friends around a table. In addition, due to the rapid cooking of the pasta, your guests will not have to wait long . The possibility of trying out a variety of recipes, at will, is also an additional reason to get this appliance. The purchase of a crepe maker also allows you to have the assurance of consuming only pancakes whose ingredients are healthy and controlled.

My Personal Opinion On Crepe Makers

Crepe makers have their place in our homes, because getting together around delicious pancakes is a great idea to get together with family and share good times . Investing in this appliance is an initiative that I encourage, having adopted it myself. Whichever type you choose, the ease of use of the pancake pan makes it easy to cook pancake dough in no time. This last aspect – the speed of execution – seems very interesting to me when you want to receive a lot of guests. And this kitchen appliance does not disappoint.

What Else ? What There Is To Know

Useful Precautions For Using Your Crepe Maker Well

Apart from the advice recommended depending on the power source, and which you will find in the instructions for use of the device, certain provisions must be followed so that the crepe maker is truly efficient, and in the long term. Whether you have chosen an electric or gas-powered model, good heating is essential, especially when it is a crepe maker with a cast iron plate. And in the present case, you have to go about it with tact to obtain the color of a chestnut and the appearance of a varnish, which characterize a good pellet .

How To Successfully Suck The Pellet?

For this purpose, after a good heating to 270 ° C, about a tablespoon of cooking oil – or simply fat – should be poured into the center of the plate and distributed evenly with a soft cloth. After which, you must smooth the oil and cook for 5 to 10 minutes so that the plate browns and is dry. You must then repeat the operation (heating + pouring oil + cooking) eight times , while reducing the amount of oil each time.

How To Properly Clean The Device?

Proper maintenance of your crepe maker is fundamental and must follow certain rules, which vary depending on the model. I therefore invite you to refer to the information in the operating instructions for your device. That being said, whatever the crepe maker, cleaning must concern both the chassis and the hob. For the latter, it is not recommended to wash it or cool it suddenly , when it is heating. Conversely, cleaning applied after each use is necessary. To do this, use a soft cloth or paper towel soaked in oil.

In addition, the fact that the pancakes require a supply of fat on the plate, the base of the latter thickens gradually. For that, a particular treatment is essential, because this can disturb the cooking. To avoid this, it is recommended to carry out a regular pickling either with an abrasive stone or by salting, depending on the thickness of the base.

Regarding the maintenance of the crepe maker chassis, it should not be overlooked. For this purpose, you must use a soft sponge previously soaked in a mixture of warm water and non-chlorinated liquid cleaner. In addition, it is strongly advised not to use an abrasive, immerse the chassis or clean it with a water jet.

My Pancake Batter Recipe

The advantage of having a crepe maker for a fan of these dishes, like me, is that it is possible to give free rein to your desires and make large quantities. I was able to explore a variety of pancakes myself. However, wheat pancake is my favorite recipe and I often make it in large numbers, since my whole family loves it.

To make 20, you will need a tablespoon of buckwheat flour, oil, level coarse coffee, two eggs, 125 g of sugar, a sachet of vanilla sugar (or others aromas, depending on your taste), 25 g of melted butter and 10 cl of water.

All these ingredients must be beaten together and 250 g of wheat flour must be added gradually, simultaneously to 12 cl of semi-skimmed milk. The operation must continue until the dough is perfectly homogeneous. After which, you must then dissolve 38 cl of milk, before proceeding to cooking.


Here we are at the end of the guide that I devote to the crepe maker. If like me you are passionate about pancakes and want to be able to make them in large numbers, in no time and with ease, know that the offer available for this appliance is so vast that you will have no trouble finding the a model that fits your needs and your budget. Electric, gas powered, classic, semi-professional or professional, the offer available on the market concedes a very wide choice.

Manufacturers such as Krampouz, Lagrange, Tefal, Moulinex and even Severin offer quality crepe makers that will meet your expectations, provided that you make your choice with full knowledge of the facts. For this purpose, make sure to purchase watch the criteria I told you about before (size, material and capacity of the hob, temperature range or accessories included with the purchase), while taking into account of your needs (size of pancakes to make, number of users who must regularly consume pancakes …).

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