Drawing Tablet Buying Guide

Technology is being used to enhance every sphere of life and the activities of graphic designers are not left out. Gone are days when artists rely only on sketch pads, pencils and the likes to complete tasks thanks to the invention drawing tablets. A drawing tablet also referred to a pen tablet, graphics tablet, drawing pad, or digitizer is a device specially created to provide artists and graphic designers with an easy way to create and digitize graphics, animations, and images without any hassle.

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The device is computerized with amazing features to enhance the experience of this category of individuals and others who may want to enjoy its benefits. Inputs can be made to drawing tablets with a pen-like object called stylus which usually ships with it. The device is aimed at enhancing the experience and performance of artist and graphic designer as well as provide them with a feel and result that is just like the one they get using pen and sketch pads.

To further enhance your experience with drawing tablets, they are easy to use thereby making the device a great choice for both novice and expert users. If you purchase the device, you will find that it features an exterior that appears just like tablets. While some models have an LCD display to allow you to monitor the progress of your drawing on the pad, others only have a tablet like surface with not display. With the latter, you will need to pair the drawing table with your desktop and monitor your drawing on the monitor.

In addition, both types of drawing table require you to draw a new image or an existing one on the flat surface. As already mentioned, this can be done using the stylus pen that comes with your tablet. Unlike the touchscreen of your note and tablet devices, you will find that the pen has an enhanced precision to provide you with the best experience. However, you should note that the accuracy you get with drawing tablets will be heavily dependent on the nib size of the stylus pen.

Types of Drawing Tablet

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There are different types of drawing tablets on the market including capacitative, active, passive, acoustic and optical models. Each of them is designed to cater to specific needs which invariably means that the best one for you will be dependent on your needs and preferences.

For instance, active drawing tablets are designed to work with a stylus pen that is paired with self-powered electronics to provide you with the best result. You will find that the electronics integrated with the stylus works by transmitting a signal to your tablet thereby supporting an interaction between the pen and pad. Passive models, on the other hand, uses electromagnetic induction technology to make it easy for artists and graphic designers to create images.

The stylus paired with passive drawing pads features an LC circuit that helps to transmit a signal between pen and drawing tablet. After a successful transmission, the wires in the drawing tablet automatically changes to a mode that allows it to translate the signal received. The process is fast and you may hardly notice. Capacitative drawing tablets utilize electrostatic signal to make the creation of images possible. The signal makes it easy for the device to detect the movement of your pen for the best result. However, they are slightly more expensive compared to other models.

While optical drawing tablets ships with a stylus pen that feature a small digital camera used to capture the movements you make, acoustic drawing tablets feature two microphones on the sides of the device to pick movements made by a stylus pen paired with sound generating technology. Both the acoustic and optical drawing tablets are not popular among artists and graphic designers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Drawing Tablet

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Image Quality and Precision

The quality of images and graphics created by the drawing pad you are about to buy is one of the most important factors that should be considered carefully. This is especially because this factor will affect the appearance of completed work. Also, the precision accuracy of the product you want to buy should be considered for the best result.


Another important factor to consider carefully is the features integrated into the product of your choice. Features may include color, pen, brush and connectivity options. A drawing pad that ships with many amazing features will provide you with the best experience as well as a good value for money.

Ease of Use

Whether or not the drawing tablet is easy to use should be considered too. This factor will go a long way to determine the quality of your images and graphics since it may be difficult to express yourself with a product that is hard to use. Drawing tablets that are easy to use will be a great choice for kids and elders thereby providing this category of individuals with an interesting way to use their time.

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